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Rocky Grind

Rocky Grind

Rocky Grind

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We artisan roast Sons of Amazon (Australia's Strongest Coffee) using carefully selected and perfectly roasted coffee beans, to produce a bold coffee with a silky crema. 

  • 440mg of Caffeine Per Cup

The Rocky Grind range is a coarse grind specifically designed for plungers, French presses and home filter coffee machines. Each bag contains 55 servings enough for nearly 2 months of amazingly produced coffee.

Servings: 55


Our Customers Love Our Coffee Us

My husband bought a packet of this to try last month and I'm seriously hooked. It's the only coffee that I've been able to enjoy black. No bitter aftertaste and really strong, robust flavour. Definitely recommend.

Selina Brookes

It tastes better cold brewed than hot.

Jasmine Wolfe

First time tasting this coffee and it's absolutely delicious! No bitter after taste just perfect!


Amazing quality and taste!

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High Caffeine
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